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Due to the success our retail business, many of the gunsmithing services that Al Greco provides are limited. Please note, that the prices listed for gunsmithing services are subject to changeAbout Al Greco and Al’s Custom
We are located in Freedom, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. When I say test firing included, that means it may take 500 rounds to set up the gun for its intended use. The order of emphasis is Quality, Function, and Accuracy. I am a 1983 graduate of the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School, where I received a diploma as a Master Gunsmith after completing an 18-month course. I have also taken the Ron Power Advanced Pistol Course. Gunsmithing has been a full-time endeavor for me since 1985. I enjoy shooting the following sports and am a member of the affiliated organizations: PPC, IPSC, IDPA, Pins, Steel, and 3-Gun matches. I have been certified in the following instructor courses: NRA Pistol and the Lethal Force Institute (LFI). I am on the board of directors at the Ambridge District Sportsmen Association and am the Pistol Executive. I’m a member of the Pennsylvania Gun Collectors Association and display and sell at the shows in Greensburg, PA. You’ll find me set up at the Camp Perry National Matches during the rifle events. Various gun manufacturing companies have retained me for consulting work. I manufacture and market various accessories for shotguns, rifles and pistols. I have been a representative for Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services, Inc. (DPMS) since 1996. I am also the founder of the rifle team for DPMS.I have sponsored Grand Master shooters with gun work and donated prizes to various matches around the country. Al’s Snubby Event was my sponsored event at the final two years of Second Chance®. I serve as a match director for the East Coast Pin & Steel Challenge. Over the years, I’ve had advertisements in most of the major gun magazines and have had several articles written about my gun work

Al Greco’s workmanship is impeccable; his follow-up service with customers wanting experimental stuff is exemplary; and his ethics are top notch. Al has a reputation for not giving up on a gun until it’s exactly right for the most eccentric and demanding customer–and I can attest to that.

– Massad Ayoob