AR-15 Sights

Below, is a list of AR-15 parts we have available from DPMS.

Extended Front Sight Post
Hooded Aperture Sight
Detachable Rear A2 Rear Sight
AR-15 Rear Flip Up Rear Sight
AR-15 Flip Up A2 Rear Sight
National Match Front Sight Post
National Match Rear Apertures
Levang Aperture Front Sight Post
A-15/M-16 Colored Sight Set
Triple Low Rail Detachable Rear Sight
Triple High Rail Detachable Rear Sight
DPMS National Match Rear Sight A2
Sight Covers
Sight Protectors
A-1 Sight Adjusting Tools
A2 Sight Adjusting Tools
Front Sight Alignment Tool
Rear Sight Installation Tool
A-1 Front Sight Post
A2 Front Sight Post

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