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J-P Match Trigger

J-P Match Trigger   

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The basic kit includes the trigger, disconnector, special spring set and six pages of detailed instructions supplemented show how to install, set up, and test the system. If you have a good mechanical aptitude and some basic tools, you can install it yourself.

The JP trigger system is compatible with your original hammer if it has not been altered.

Note: If you are ordering for an Armalite AR10 or Knights SR25, Bushmaster 308, DPMS LR-308 or using your rifle for tactical or cold weather operation, specify the JPS40 tactical spring kit with your order. In these rifles, a heavy hammer spring is necessary for ignition reliability and to eliminate the finger bounce "doubling" possibility.

Available in either .154 (Standard Mil-Spec) or .169 (Colt design)

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