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Foster Head Space Gauges

Foster Head Space Gauges   

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The HEAD SPACE GAUGE is designed to protect your firearms from unnecessary damage and you, the shooter, from possible injury by showing whether or not the "head space" of an action is within tolerance. Essentially, head space is the distance between the face of the breech and the base of the cartridge when the action is closed. Accuracy and safety is threatened when there is excessive head space.

Forster Head Space Gauges are made with painstaking care to insure you accurate testing of the chamber. Each caliber Gauge comes in "GO", "NO GO", and "FIELD". If an action will not accept a "GO" Gauge, it will not accept cartridge cases of maximum length. If it accepts a "NO GO" Gauge the action may have excessive head space. If the action accepts a "FIELD" Gauge, it should not be fired. Every firearms owner should have Forster Head Space Gauges for safety and accuracy.

Specify "GO", "NO GO" or "FIELD" length gauge when ordering.