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1-1/2" Buttstock Extender w/QD Swivel   

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1-1/2" Buttstock Extention with a reversible QD Sling Swivel


Buttstock Extender Add's 1/2", 1", 1-1/2", or 2" to Overall Length of buttstock. Can be used with any standard length stock that has a standard buffer tube. Includes A2, A-1, Ace entry, and Ace standard length stocks.


The buttstock extender can not be used with a Carbine Buttstock.


Remove stock and buttstock spacer and be careful to not bend or loose the safety dent spring in the back of the lower receiver.

Add the provided Spacer with the spacer that you removed.

Install the safety detent spring and then slide on the buttstock extender to hold the spring in place. Be careful not to bend the spring.

Hold the buttstock extender with the spring installed all the way up to the back of the lower receiver.

Slide on the buttstock with both buttstock spacers.

Install the provided longer screw and tighten with a 5/16" Allen wrench.