Aimpoint Technology and Philosophy

The sight on a gun should simplify shooting in the majority of situations and should meet the highest demands for function, reliability and quality.

The Original

Aimpoint is the world leader and originator of the revolutionary red dot sighting technology. After more than twenty-five years of close collaboration with experienced shooters around the world, Aimpoint red dot sights remain the best sights available for combining speed and accuracy.


For more than 25 years, Aimpoint sights have been used by hunters around the world to take virtually every type of game. From Cape buffalo in Africa to Kodiak bear in Alaska.

Elite military and police forces around the world have used Aimpoint sights for more than 15 years.

In 1997, the U.S. Army awarded Aimpoint the world’s first military contract for red dot sights. A similar contract was signed in 1999 with the French Army.

Furthermore, World Champions like Rob Leatham and Eric Grauffel rely on the accuracy of these rugged precision instruments to get them to the top.


Aimpoint Test FacilitySome companies test their products in the most extreme conditions. We live there.

And here, in Sweden, we manufacture the most rugged optical sight in the world.


Aimpoint Quality ControlAimpoint® sights– Nothing but Perfection

Aimpoint red dot sights are manufactured with the greatest care and precision from the best materials and components available. They are designed for use in the real world, and can handle rough treatment and all imaginable weather conditions.

As a reliable supplier to dedicated users, quality is essential for Aimpoint. This means:

  • Total control throughout the production process
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Absolutely highest quality materials used in production
  • Perfect technical design
  • Generous warranty and professional service

Aimpoint follows a Quality Procedure in line with ISO 9000 and has since 1997 been subject to QA audits by the US Army.

Aimpoint Manufacturing EnvironmentThe manufacturing environment at Aimpoint is similar to a laboratory with highly trained experts building red dot sights by hand using advanced optical/mechanical production equipment. The components are cleaned with ultrasound and assembled in a clean environment at our factory. Products are rigorously tested before being approved for shipment. This is why Aimpoint can offer a generous warranty with its products.


Aimpoint manufactures a red dot sight without magnification or optical distortion. It is not a magnifying scope with an illuminated reticle. In fast shooting situations it is absolutely superior to all other types of sight.

Aimpoint’s basic concept has remained constant over the last 25 years. The state of technology, however, has not, and Aimpoint is firmly committed to being at the forefront of technological advances and practical improvements in this field.

The CET-Technology

Batteries NeededAn electronic sight requires power to work. The length of time that the red dot can remain lit depends on two things; the power consumption of the light source and the capacity of the battery.

Aimpoint’s choice of batteries is based on availability as well as storage and temperature characteristics. To achieve the longest possible operating times, Aimpoint has therefore focused its efforts on developing a completely new Circuit Efficiency Technology (CET) diode, which has extremely low power consumption compared to other light sources.

  • This new technology means that the red dot in Aimpoint’s new generation of sights can remain lit up to 250 times longer in normal use than other sights.
  • The sight can be used for 24 hours per day continuously for 1 year, while adjusting the dot intensity to compensate for the changing ambient light.
  • These figures can be doubled with a back-up battery, which can be installed in the sight using the optional double kit (see accessories).
  • The batteries used are 3V Lithium, chosen because of their superior temperature and storage capabilities.

The size of the dot
The size of the red dot on the new generation of Aimpoint sights is 4 minutes of angle (MOA). 1MOA = 1” at 100 yards.

In practice this means that the diameter of the dot equals:

  • 30 mm at 25 meters (1″ at 25 yards)
  • 60 mm at 50 meters (2″ at 50 yards)
  • 120 mm at 100 meters (4″ at 100 yards)

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