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RAGING BULL 454 CASULL and .44 Magnum - Product Image
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RAGING BULL 454 CASULL and .44 Magnum   

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Redesigned to fit the RAGING BULL 454 CASULL Taurus Scope Mount Weaver style Retrofits medium and large frame Taurus revolvers with factory adjustable sights.

*Requires drilling and tapping two, 6-40 holes in top strap. Extra large recoil lug prevents scope movement even on magnum caliber's. Accepts all Weaver style rings and accessories. 4-1/2" long, available in black or silver, matte anodized finish, weighs 1.3 ounces. Screws are 6-40 and are included.


Taurus has changed the radius on the top strap of the New large frame revolvers. We believe this to have taken place with all guns manufactured starting in 2001.

The following mount is for Revolvers manufactured prior to 12/31/00 These revolvers have a 1" top strap radius

The following mount is for Revolvers manufactured after 1/1/01 Serial number XUAXXXXXX and up. The first digit is caliber, second digit is year, third digit is month of manufacture UA is January of 2001 These Revolvers have a larger radius top strap.